A fun way to unwind, renew and connect.

OSHO COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCES are tailored toward your most discerning and spiritually curious clientele, whether you’re booking for brides-to-be and their besties, high achieving women or corporate HR. We offer Aromatic Experiences, Astrology Experiences, Constellations, +Soul Communion. Mix + match or just choose one.

Your clients probably want more than a bar crawl and a spa day. They crave meaning and intimacy. But they want it packaged as fun!

They want to know themselves — and each other— on a deeper level. They’re curious about essential oils, astrology and healing. (And if they still want a killer facial — we can do that too!) 

Just as the word “osho” is derived from the Sanskrit word for “teacher,” our mission is to guide people to a new way of seeing the world — with more self-compassion, nurturing and kindness. 

We’ve brought this approach to top network executives at NBC Universal in Los Angeles, investment bankers at J.P. Morgan in Nashville and to internationally-ranked athletes on tour. 

We’re experts at blending ancient holistic and esoteric practices in an accessible and stylish way to nourish mind, body and soul— and rocket-boost relationships. 

You’re invited to bring your groups of 10 or more to OSHO Collective’s elegant and spacious full-service spa and retreat center in Berry Hill. 

Designed by celebrity architect Nick Dryden, the space is an energy vortex all its own with sacred, Native American lineage and a view of the Nashville skyline.

We can also take OSHO COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCES on the road, wherever your clients are!

Either way, your groups will leave feeling renewed, connected and spiritually uplifted!