CONSTELLATIONS: Like a collective lucid dream that heals

When your crew loses its mojo, this is the spiritual reboot it needs. This process is subtle and intuitive — but so powerful it clears generations of emotional baggage in hours. Constellations are more lucid dream than conference room-brainstorming. They have to be experienced to be fully understood. But it’s a time-tested ancient technique, adapted by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the 1980s for resolving family and systemic dysfunction and clearing trauma. 

How it Works

Led by OSHO’S owner and co-founder Gabrielle Caldwell, an intuitive and healer, each guest “stands in for” a member of a family, friend group or core team. Then Gabrielle asks a series of questions that lead to the ancestral roots of the problem — and freedom from them.  Blending ancient modalities with her own, Gabrielle helps each guest feel healed, connected and clear.  

Constellations can be tailored to corporate team building events, bridal/bachelorette parties and women’s retreats. Constellations can be hosted by the group or join us at OSHO Collective’s elegant and spacious retreat center. 


A pre-constellation consultation

A 60-90-min guided constellation 

For groups of 4-20 people

 SOUL COMMUNION: The easiest way to meditate  

Sink into a lounge chair in OSHO’s quiet room. Kick off your shoes. Deeply refresh mind-body-spirit with a journey into your Divine Self led by OSHO’S owner and co-founder Gabrielle Caldwell. No experience necessary. Beginners welcome!     


Digital downloads of each meditation for repeat listening