Stylist Spotlight: Jennifer (JB) O'Donnell

Jennifer Bittner

If you’ve been with Osho Collective since the beginning, you’ll likely recognize the face of the incomparable Jennifer (JB) O’Donnell. She has been one of the rocks in manifesting this space. The experience she brings to the table, having been in the industry for over a decade and previous Oribe product educator, is priceless.

A few notes from JB for any client that that find themselves in her chair: 

Do not, I repeat, do NOT cut your hair off unless you’ve been sure about it for at least a month. 

Also, turn your flat iron heat down. You can cook a pizza at 400 degrees! 

As her favorite product, she recommends everyone try Davines Oi All In One Milk. It conditions without weighing down the finest of hair, detangles, and it has heat protection. Also, because a lot of us don’t use conditioner properly, it’s nice to have something that doesn’t rinse right out. (BONUS: she recently found out from a fellow stylist that you can also use it as fabric softener and now her towels smell so good!!) 

JB started her styling career in Evansville, Indiana at Roger’s Hair Academy. For her, and to the surprise of everyone who knows her, doing hair was just a gut feeling that she had at 20 years old. It was something she knew she needed to do for herself, so she dove right in! After cosmetology school, she held a year long apprenticeship followed by additional education at the Sassoon Academy in London, England, which was a deeply challenging program. JB would say it showed her what she was really made of. She learned she had the guts to persevere even in the face of failure.

Since school and her apprenticeship, JB has continued to grow, train and hone her craft. As a brunette with a ton of hair herself, she’s found that is her favorite type of hair to do. Of course, above all, she just prefers her clients to leave with beautiful, healthy hair that compliments them in every way.

Not all paths are easy though, and the same goes for JB. Along the way, she’s learned so much about fear and failing. She’s had to learn to overcome her visceral fear of failing. She’s still working on it but believes deeply that in order to truly succeed, we have to fail. It’s the starting point of every great life journey.  

“I personally believe that the place of fear is often the breeding ground of insecurity, hatred, and ignorance. In the past, when I’ve chosen to face my biggest fears, they most always became my biggest opportunities.”

These moments of growth have come in and out of the salon environment and have led her to where she is today. JB’s grandmother is one of her biggest influencers in propelling her forward.

“I didn’t realize that until recently, right before she passed. How lucky I was to immediately learn that it’s possible for women to be bold, respected, and admirable. She taught me that hard decisions sometimes lead to miracles. I’m so beyond grateful and proud that she was apart of my life.”

Her clients teach her something everyday as well. Most importantly, as mushy as it sounds, they’ve all taught her that the most meaningful relationships start with two complete strangers. Humans are much more alike than we are different and she’s thankful to be reminded of that on a daily basis. Being able to connect with each of her clients on this level is one of the things that makes JB such a brilliant stylist, and all around wonderful human being.

When she’s not behind the chair or learning new ways to expand her practice, JB can be found at home laughing and eating all the things with her husband and sweet Great Dane. Her self care routine is focused on good hard belly laughs surrounded by those she loves. And when there’s time, she highly recommends an Osho Full Body Soak as a magical way to relax and reset.

When there’s even more time and she’s able to jet off for a vacation, you can find her at the most magical place on earth….DISNEY WORLD! As an over planner by nature, and her love language being acts of service, it’s no wonder this is her go-to home away from home! Anytime JB can block out the troubles of the world, eat whatever she wants, AND have her luggage picked up from baggage claim and placed in her room without a single dictation from her, she will gladly hand over all of her money. See ya there, girl!!

We’re so grateful to have JB in our space and to be able to learn from her expertise. We are excited for you all to know her a little more intimately and experience her essence and talent in the chair. Please let us know if you’d like to schedule a consultation or appointment with her. You’ll laugh, learn, and leave feeling perfectly aligned.