Always learning and growing!

Hair Models

The meaning behind our name, OSHO, is teacher, and at OSHO Collective Salon + Wellness Spa we believe we all have something to teach and learn from one another. We strive to continuously educate ourselves personally, professionally, and spiritually so that we may be more well-rounded, more open-minded, and more successful in our everyday experiences. 

Two of our Davines Educators recently had the opportunity to expand their robust knowledge of the world of hair. Ashley Hernandez and Cyrus Kennedy traveled to Dallas, Texas to train under Davines National Master Trainers Alicia Miller and Piyush Ragha, in the art of foiling and natural color blending.

This training is only available to some of the most highly educated Davines trainers and is all about perfecting their processes. From the moment the Stylists arrive in the building, to when they leave for the day, they are being meticulously graded in categories such as: understanding of the products, public speaking, dress code, communication, teamwork, execution of technique. Ashley and Cyrus, being as phenomenal as they are, were scored some of the highest in the class!

One of Cyrus’ favorite parts of this unique training experience was being able to learn and master a foiling technique used for a blended, soft, natural highlight and created by the one and only Sal Misseri. He was also very excited to bring back to OSHO Davines’ new demi-permanent color line which, when mixed with a gorgeous foil pattern, creates a stunning, dimensional, natural color that will leave our clients feeling gorgeously confident and ready to take on their world!

For Ashley, the biggest take aways were the high level of focus on elevating and mastering her technique all while staying on time and truly customizing each service to each of her unique clients. Through this training, Ashley’s already exceptional talent was perfected and honed to new levels.

We are so proud of Ashley and Cyrus for all their hard work! We’re excited to share with our clients the expertise of these two impeccably talented individuals!