Gabrielle has spent the last six years intensely studying and honing her skills to navigate the nuances of the energetic world we live in. She has studied the human psyche and the emotional beings we are to gain a deeper understanding and compassion for the heartache that is part of the human experience. Determined to make a difference and to help others in this realm, Gabrielle studied the ReUnion Process.  As a trained Facilitator, she has found the ReUnion Process to be an effective healing art to facilitate with clients to support them in walking a path toward greater awareness, promote healing that truly makes a difference, and create a space of transformation in clients' lives.


Christina is an aesthetician, specializing in natural and organic skincare.  She has been saving the dull, stressed world with her amazing facials and countless relaxation treatments since 2006. Christina received her education from Tennessee Career Institute before moving onto the Aveda Institute for continued education in holistic and therapeutic practices and treatments. She has been specializing in organic skincare since 201O when she accepted a position with Studio Green Organic Salon in East Nashville. It was there that Christina discovered her true passion for skincare. Since then she has been educating herself and her clients on the importance of achieving a healthy balance between the inside and outside of the body. Christina loves what she does and has never looked at her profession as a job. She sees it more as a privilege. She feels blessed to go to work every day and help someone else feel better.


Alyson grew up in a small town in East Tennessee, but has called Nashville home since 1999. Influenced by the close-knit community where she was raised, she began to take notice of folk-remedies and traditional wisdoms at an early age. When she became a mother herself, she began to research many of the remedies and practices she had learned about in her youth. This led her to a deeper study of herbalism, nutrition and eventually essential oils and flower essences. Alyson applies a balance of intuition and science to create the custom oil blends and products she creates for OSHO's apothecary.



Ali started out working in marketing and event planning for coffee shops in Nashville, TN. Two jobs later, realizing she was unhappy contorting her passions into jobs that weren't for her, she decided to start listening to herself and the guide she felt towards her true path. After some soul searching and quitting her job, she decided to peruse her certification in Master Herbalism. Ali is excited to enter a whole new world of healing and guidance through OSHO COLLECTIVE. 




Jessie Law is a professional makeup artist and licensed aesthetician. She has worked with prominent figures in the talent industry. Her work has been featured in videos shoots, commercials, and filmed interviews that have been nationally aired. Jessica attended the beauty institute in Memphis, TN, where her passion for the beauty industry flourished and she became certified in Lavish Lash Extensions. She the attended the Cosmix School of Makeup in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and acquired her talents as a makeup artist. Her passion for modern beauty continues to inspire through the amazing looks she produces. Her knowledge of lash extensions and makeup artistry continues to grow, and she is also currently a freelance artist. Her work is extraordinary and she has the personality to match!